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Guest Speaking & Motivation

Our Passion - is Teaching You How To Connect and Communicate for Success!

Our Belief - Nothing is Impossible ~ there are No Limits!
ector of 3P Concepts, Lynda Gale, has invested over 30 years researching human behavioural patterns. Starting at the age of ‘four years old’ growing up in a ‘country pub’ and later working and managing in the hospitality industry, Lynda shifted her focus to teaching people how to connect after discovering that the ‘patterns and structures’  that she can ‘see’  when people interact is ‘not-the-norm’.

"For many years I thought everyone could see the same thing";  having spent thousands of hours interacting and watching people communicate "sometimes at their very best, others at their very worse", Lynda began to ‘see’  the structures of how people were connecting; their behaviour became predictable, "there are clear patterns of behaviour, a bit like dance steps"  that lead to certain reactions and outcomes.

Lynda has spent the past 15 years teaching people how to consciously connect and communicate, teaching them formulas and techniques to ‘see’  their own behavioural patterns.

Conference Crowd

Today Lynda travels the world teaching people and using the programs she has developed; she is also available as a Guest Speaker for Corporate, Private or Community events to share her insights through amusing stories and ‘embarrassing experiences’, all designed to entertain and connect with her audience and of course, teach them how to ‘see the patterns’.

Topics have included: Team Building and Motivation, Customer Service and Experiences, Communication, Leadership, Selling, Workplace Diversity & Culture, Innovation, Personal and Professional Growth, as well as Emcee roles.

Start producing the Bigger Results you are capable of.  Be inspired and supported to venture and create new levels of success!

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