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Business Success Mentoring

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" ~ Jim Rohn


The people we choose to be around have a direct impact on our personal achievements and success.


It is common that we to seek advice and support from those around us. Investing in a professional coach or mentor offers the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and concepts, encouraging us to ‘think outside the box’.

Personal coaching and mentoring offers an e
nvironment to broaden your mindset, enhance your skills and knowledge, gain clarity and accelerate your work performance by having a personal support partner to listen and lead you through challenges and keep accountability with.

3P Concepts support programs include:




Step It Up is about getting Clarity on you and your goals, identifying your most important priorities, and implementing Action tasks for short-term, fast results. It is about setting you up for your next step forward and creating some clear structure to work within.

Step It Up is about implementing and transforming your business in the short term, with the benefit of regular accountability and mentoring to support you in achieving results; it includes:

  • 6 weekly sessions

  • Identify immediate goals and get clarity on your current #1 priority

  • Identify blocks – past and present

  • Clearing and processing blocks

  • Identifying patterns

  • Weekly sessions

  • Follow-up activities for each week

  • Creating laser focus on your top priority

  • Accountability and habit correcting

  • Position and prepare for your ‘next’ step


Are you wanting to create some extra momentum in your business?


Would you benefit from having someone to brainstorm with and support you right now?


If you want to Step It Up, then doing things differently from what you are doing now is a requirement!


Creating change is not the issue – keeping change Simple, Easy and Fun is the challenge.


Having a personal ‘sounding board’ to run your ideas by and create specific strategies that will work for you and your business is a faster way to success, especially when you have someone to be accountable to  - support to stay focused and take action!


We can help you achieve this with very Simple and Easy mentoring sessions and, of course, create some accountability and fun with you.




Focused on your Bigger Picture, this is a yearly program that is updated every quarter, monitored every month and managed weekly.

Our Pulse Planning system will allow you to measure and manage your business while creating more space for you to work on your business rather than be stuck in it.


Together we will create a forward-planned structure within your business to relieve overwhelm and put you firmly in control while scaling your business growth.


Plan To Expand is about Implementing and Transforming your business and working the system alongside you; the program:

  • Focuses on business systems and scaling up for growth

  • Quarterly ‘check-in’ meetings, updating your business planning and goals

  • Monthly check-in calls

  • Optional – complimentary weekly accountability check-ins

  • Get clear on your bigger picture

  • Develop your forward-planned business systems

  • Assign quarterly/monthly/weekly tasks

  • Prioritise/time management

  • Track and measure progress

  • Combination of professional and personal development

  • Focus ‘on” business and set actions “in” business

  • Optional – additional team members can be included in the quarterly planning process $330 per person.

  • Yearly program, updating your business planning and goals every quarter for long-term setup and growth


Is your current business model holding itself back?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you Plan To Expand, then doing things differently from what you are doing now is a requirement!

Creating change is not the issue – keeping change Simple and Fun is the challenge and easy to achieve with the right professional support to keep you motivated and engaged.

Business Meeting at Small Table

Our Programs Provide an Environment to:

Guide you in identifying core goals in each major area of your business.
Focus on your financial success by analysing active and passive income streams.
Provide highly accountable processes to stay on track and measure your progress.
Retrain and create new habits to commit or de-commit to your goals.
Provide detailed feedback to identify what works and what holds you back and blocks you from success.
Provide the ability to recognise when change is needed, what change is needed and how to create the right strategies to implement and succeed with change.
Stay up-to-date with your business and be better positioned for new opportunities.

Start producing the Bigger Results you are capable of.  Be inspired and supported to venture and create new levels of success!

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